The term “Sports” refers to any activity that involves physical exertion along with required skills. Generally, two or more parties compete against each other for recreation and entertainment and not for mere competition. It also strengthens the character and personality of a person. Some examples of familiar games are cricket, tennis, badminton, kabaddi, etc.

Physical benefits

Some physical benefits are as follows –

  • It enhances immunity.
  • It efficiently prevents heart diseases, thereby increasing the life expectancy of an individual.
  • It helps to maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • It helps to reduce blood cholesterol, sugar, and body fats.
  • It increases flexibility.
  • It helps to maintain healthy body weight.
  • It improves bone density and strength.
  • It improves body posture.

Moral benefits

Some moral benefits are as follows –

  • It improves self-confidence and makes our life more disciplined.
  • It is a great teacher of dedication, patience, and time management.
  • It improves team spirit and enhances a sense of fair play.
  • It helps to handle failure efficiently.
  • It reduces stress.


Yoga and its benefit

Sports are becoming massive sources of earning money, all thanks to today’s advanced technology. TV channels like Star-sports make money by telecasting different games. Live telecast of matches is currently in demand. Also, more people are getting involved in the commercialization process. This commercialization of games generates more jobs like sports camera operators, event managers, anchors, event economic advisors, sports journalism, etc.

Sports as a subject:

Sports have a vast number of benefits, especially for students. Therefore, the government has made it mandatory to have at least one game period once a week in schools. Despite these rules, most school teachers never take the subject as seriously as other academic subjects, which, in turn, affect students’ health. The lack of outdoor games also makes students more prone to clinical depression. So, the government is trying to involve it as one of the compulsory subjects in the education curriculum. A career in sports was not usually considered a good stream because of no scope, but with time it has become evident that it has always been in the blood of human beings and will constantly grow with time as people begin to explore this topic and its value.

To conclude, it has innumerable positive effects on the body and mind. Being an integral part of human life, it increases the quality of human life to a great extent. Hence, every person should include at least one sports activity in their everyday routine.