Collusion Of Online Shopping And Traditional Shopping

Traditional shopping

In this way of shopping people go to various shops, they want physically and choose the material, jewellery, cloth or any electronic item which we can feel and test if require and later even bargain for same.

And most people still shop by visiting the different stores and malls. May there be other options such as online and home delivery, but some people do need a reason to go out or some are out passing through some store and, it randomly appears to them that they should buy this particular thing. The point being the stores attracts most customers as equally as the online stores do.

With most online marketing we wholly are becoming less interactive with each other. But with this way of shopping still being carried on we get to interact with each other may it be even for a small amount of time. And through that, we can get almost detailed information about the product. The prospect of instant purchase is fulfilled. The payment mode is a bit more secure as you just have to swipe the card or pay in cash.

The drawback could be it can be time-consuming when you are busy at work or during emergency times. There is no customer review for us. The range for shopping virtually is quite less and energy consuming since we will be physically visiting all the stores one by one.

Online shopping


The heading itself gives out the context of the paragraph. Now – a – days, you can get anything and everything online you just have to type it up and click on search billions of search results appear on the front screen in less than a fraction of seconds.

This way is far more convenient for those who don’t have time to visit the stores or rather be lousy and want to purchase something. Everything is just a few clicks away; you have to do the research for the material you are looking for. And a wide range of shops is available with many options to choose from to make it easier for the customer to choose.

And most online stores are trusted sources. (Do proper research and do the shopping) Also, we get the reviews of the customer who have shopped for the same item from the store before. The payment method could be a little less secure, considering we have to fill in the credit and debit details online.