When planning to go to the east coast of Malaysia, you might visit the best view of the Perhentian islands or Redang. Sometimes, you will miss cities like Kuala Terengganu, a pleasant place to visit. When you check out the place, it will give you the vibe, and many things to do in Kuala Terengganu are worth visiting.

Visit the Civilization Park

When you visit Islamic Civilization Park, it will be a cool place. You will see the houses are now in the modern age and have Islamic artworks and architecture. There are 22 scaled models of historical monuments that you can find at the Monument Park. You will find a floating Crystal Glass Mosque, which is the main attraction of Edutainment Park. It attracts many visitors who want to learn more about Islamic civilization from a different perspective.

things to do in Kuala Terengganu

Try to ride a boat

When you are done visiting the museums and other tourist activities, you must try something the locals do by taking a boat ride to cross the Terengganu River. You can do it by getting a glimpse of the life of the locals in Terengganu from the Riverview. When you visit Duying Besar Island, you will see the boat-making process.

Street art

Kampung China is about more than charming shophouses; it also offers the best street art. Most of them you will see on a scale, and you can find them in alleys known as llongs.

Check the Maziah Palace

The palace can be used for birthdays, royal weddings, title conferments, and receptions for foreign and local VIPs. The Palance is easy to find because it is located in the heart of Kuala Terengganu, at the foot of Puteri Hill. Its mix of contemporary and traditional architecture will amaze you when you visit.

Telaga Simpul

Learn to weave

It is the type of activity you will not be on your top list when traveling, but when you visit Terengganu, it is better to try. It is located at Pengalan Gelap village, where the local villagers cherish nature’s gift using the Nipah tree’s leaves. Their creativity will exceed your expectations as they can weave them to make lampshades, fruit baskets, and traditional birdcage. You can get reasonably priced products when you want to buy the theme.

See the mysterious Telaga Simpul

The place is at Marina Beach, which has an exciting story you must know as a tourist. According to the old folks, the place used to be a site for the Genies or Orang Halus in Malay. It is where they take their bath, and anyone who likes to use it believes they need to tie a knot from the Pandan, a tree nearby, to avoid bad luck. Whether it is true or not, it is a mysterious story, but remember to check out the place and socialize with the locals.

These are the best lists of unique places and activities that you can do while you are visiting Terengganu. Remember that a quiet, metropolitan city will give you more to discover.