A quiz is a type of question that asks you to provide an answer. Depending on your setting, various options are available for posting a quiz in an online community, such as quizwhich.com. The subjects vary from science to entertainment and can be about anything if desired. Below are some of the quizzes.

  1. Travel quizzes

Some people are curious about different places, cultures, cuisine, or anything related to the world. These types of quizzes can be fun and are sure to entertain anyone who takes them. For example, one of these questions that may amaze many is “Ten places you love to travel.”


  1. Movie quizzes

An example of this quiz type is “Five films you can’t miss.” Another may be “The 10 must-see movies in your life.” These two examples give a few ideas on how to use movies in a quiz; any movie and the subject matter will do.

  1. Cars quizzes

Here is just one example of a car quiz “How well do you know your car?”. In this case, the subject of the quiz doesn’t matter; people will be able to answer it regardless of whether their sport is cars or not.

  1. Food quizzes

For example, what can you say about “What are four foods you would never eat?” This one is easy to answer, but only because people know certain foods as if they have tried them all.

  1. Pets quizzes

Here’s an example of a pet quiz: “If you could own any pet, what would it be?”. However, there are other types of questions to ask that are more specific.

  1. Sports quizzes

Some people may not be interested in sports but can use these quizzes as entertainment. Here’s one example “Which sport could you never get enough of?”. Come up with many different questions about them and see if anyone can answer them.

  1. Education quizzes

There’s a different sort of education quiz that isn’t just meant for entertainment; they are designed to help people learn new things and get better grades in school. For example, here’s one that helps you study for a final: “What three to five subjects do you need to know?”. This can be helpful if you want to study, but it can also be fun if you want to take it as an enjoyable game.

  1. Religion quizzes

Different questions can ask about a person’s beliefs. For example, here’s one “What are five important things to remember from your religion?”. It matters not whether you’re religious; this is just a question anyone can answer.


  1. Music quizzes

Questions about music are entertaining, especially for some people who have great knowledge about the subject. For example: “What is your favorite instrument?”. This is easy to answer if you truly love listening to music.

  1. Blogger quizzes

Blogger quizzes are good for bloggers. I would love to see more blog quizzes to post on my blog.


This quiz was created using standard quiz software, such as quizwhich.com. You can use many quizzes in your blog, but the basic types include math quizzes, history quizzes, and even geography quizzes. Choose the ones that you like best, and then get started.